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I'm not Swiss cheese


We crew aboard the ship

Just man when not at sea

Against the wind and cold equip

And keep civility

The lookout perched atop

The sarge' at arms austere

The gofor, hope he doesn't drop

Below, the engineers


A man sees sun so hot

The gaze returned will miss

Ignoring man it sees him not

Instead it's seeing this

One hole seen at noon

Two holes seen at midnight

Three holes seen at break of dawn

Four holes seen in afternoon

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Thanks for getting this one kicked off, MM. Not any type of clock.

This one's a bit of a departure from my usual style (since all of the smarty-pantses seem to have caught on to my tricks). I'll give it a few days and see if any hints are needed, as there certainly aren't a ton of clues at this point.

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a calculator where ten is the start number holes being zero's thusly multiplied by ten at corresponding intervals. 10=1zero 10x10=2zeros etc.. was also going to guess a die aka dice <correlation to the the earths rotation = rotation of die

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Is it the number of letters in each word that contains a closed loop?

Afternoon = 4 the a, e and o's

break = 3 the b e and a

and so on

Before you answer me, I know it is not, it works for them all except noon, but it was so close I had to share sorry.

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i hope i'm not taking things to literally but i can't help but feel this has smth to be related to the actual ship itself and not the sky or anyth.... that is to say that a ship actually exists and not just in the metaphorical sense...

:P i hope i'm somewhere close to the right track:/
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Not an astrolabe or stars; I can see how the returned gaze clue could seem like it's referring to the man looking toward the night sky again later on, but the part about the gaze ignoring the man would not make sense if it were referring to what the man is seeing.

And the ship is meant to be figurative.

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