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Ways to Annoy your Roommate


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oh this is awesome! my roomates about 4 feet to my left right now (mwahaha!)

~eat something like cake, and when she asks where you got it, shrug and say "the garbage in teh hall" and keep eating it yet.

~tell her that you have a pet monkey and that you walk it on a leash (my friend did this at our sit-down table yesterday. it was hilarious because people kept saying "I cant tell if your joking or not. then we got into a discussion about animal cruelty).

~put a rubber snake/spider in her bed

~When shes almost asleep, tell her you think you saw a spider crawling around on the ceiling before (if shes on top bunk) or a mouse on her bed (if shes on bottom bunk)

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--Put bubble wrap all over the floor, and when your roomate steps on it, say "HEY! I was saving that!"

Pick up any peice of paper you see, look at it for a second, then put it down saying "That's not it..." A few seconds later, repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Pick it up again, say "Oh, there it is." and put it in your pocket.

-Start a collection of something really weird, like banana peels or crumpled up paper.

-Get some kitchen knives and start sharpening them while creepily glaring at your roomate.

-Keep your cell phone on vibrate, and pretend to keep getting calls about auctioning off your roomate."Accidentally" leave behind a fake letter congratulating someone on their purchase of your roomate, and reminding them to feed and bathe your roomate and keep up with their shots.

-Tell your roomate that you've finally decided to trust them. If they ask "What is it?" or "About what?", say "Nothing. I just finally trust you."

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~Never do your homework during study hall, they stay up after lights out doing hw...every...single...night

~Never clean your room

~get a stuffed animal of a bear or dog, and pet it on your lap, saying "good kitty, good kitty"

~be tawkinz en lawl caht speke, all deh tiem, n me-ow erry nou n agaaan

~Or Yoda, Like him Talk.

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If you have a computer in your room, leave a web browser open to a Google search of "practical jokes" with a bunch of the links clicked.

Seriously, some of them are so bad that even just talking about them would be enough to disturb a roommate. The one that comes to mind is putting clear saran wrap over the toilet (covering the bowl, but underneath the seat part that flips down). I promise I have never tried that one out.

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When you bring home food (leftovers, take out, groceries), LICK IT ALL before putting it away.

Leave a bit of leftover food (something with a bit of meat or milk, low in acid, moist) in an open container in a prominent place. Tell your roommate it's part of an important class assignment and s/he ABSOLUTELY CANNOT throw it away. (Live with the smell.) When it gets so bad that it "mysteriously" disappears, hold a wake.

Keep a "Progress" calendar that you check off each day you didn't seriously injure, maim, or kill someone. Be sure to leave some days unmarked.

Remove their shoelaces. If possible, while they're still wearing the shoes.

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take pictures of your roommate while they sleep, and then slowly put them in her school books, adding more and more with each day.

while shes at classes, sign onto her computer and leave it on porn or some weird image.

speak about yourself in 3rd person

narrate everything you do.

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While your roommate is sleeping, put something slimy or hairy in their shoe like a hardboiled egg or pipe cleaners. Then, just before they step on it, mutter something about your missing frog/tarantula that you were taking care of for science class. ; )

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Put vanilla pudding (or a really pale custard) in an empty mayonnaise jar and eat it around them.

Eat something really crunchy (a whole lettuce, crackers, raw carrot, etc.) as loudly as possible right next to them while they're trying to study, watch TV, or whatever else.

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take naked pictures of yourself put them as your screensaver, make the screensaver password sensitive

leave used tissues (or at least they need to appear that way) around the couch and remote control ensuring to coat the remote in something sticky

apologize for mistakenly using their toothbrush

fart and demand your roommate say 'excuse me'

brag incessantly about simple accomplishments, "oh, yeah! I tied my shoe." "oh, yeah! i turned my computer on." "oh, yeah! I found my pencil"

put mayonnaise on your pepperoni pizza, heat in microwave, sprinkle on garlic, enjoy....talk with husky voice for the rest of the day.

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-Read stupid jokes from Brainden.com loudly when they study .

-Keep reading this until they get mad .

-Keep reading this all the time .

-Keep reading and you will see it's effective

-Can you feel it's effect on them already ?

-Keep reading .

- Wow . You , my friend , are a really patient person . Did you really read all of them ?

İf not , start from the beginning and ... Keep reading , Keep reading .

-Make them read this post and i'm sure it will annoy them .


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