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Undead Riddle


Undying once in truth now dead

We carried swords that claimed our heads.

Our step unclean was split asunder

Silent where our kin make thunder.

We’ve lain upon a maiden’s pillow

And dwelt among the fern and willow.

If from the vile you would drink

A tip from us is best we think.

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And the winner is . . . Plainglazed! (a bit too easy for you super-genius types?)


Undying (immortal) Dead in truth (recognized as myth) Horn is sword that claims their head. Cloven (split) hoofed (unclean biblicly)

Silent and gentle compared to thunderous horses. Known to lay their heads in the laps of virgins. If from vile (poison) you would drink, the horn tip was believed to be a purifier.

Good job PG, once again

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Hi Ryan. I'd be happy to explain.

In the Hebrew (and Christian) Bible, Leviticus 11, animals that have cloven (split) hooves and which are not ruminants, are designated as UNCLEAN, both literally and spiritually. They are taboo. You may not eat them (if you're Jewish of course). A unicorn is not a ruminant and it has split hooves like a goat. Therefore, step split-unclean biblically.

Hope that clears things up.

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