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Here is the idea for puzzlers town mafia (from now on Klueless Mafia). I am putting the plan in front of you so that any desired changes can be incorporated before sign-up.


1. Each player will be sent a password protected zip file containing their role. They will also receive a puzzle along with it. On solving the puzzle they will get the password required to unlock the zip file.

2. The role description will also contain a key that needs to be PMed back to me to acknowledge that a player has correctly solved the puzzle and got their role.

3. Baddies will get into the BTSC only when both of them have correctly identified their own role. No powerplay is allowed.

4. Irrespective of whether all players know their role or not, game will continue at its own pace.

5. Role spies will be successful only when the spied player has "earned" his role (by solving the puzzle).


Baddies (Night Kill + BTSC)

Godfather: Self vote manipulation (x0 - x2). On being spied appears as a random character (including himself).

Muscle: Block

ADDENDUM: (baddies also get to choose NK carrier each night, after they gain BTSC).


Doctor: Save

Sherif: Spy

5 x Vanilla

Please let me know if you desire some changes so that game looks "more fair" to you.

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Ok, how about this: a special secret ability, associated with another puzzle thrown at the end of D1. Whoever solves the puzzle first, gets the ability.

With 2 vs 7, will it balance the game from all perspectives?

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Wouldn't this favor people in the time zone when the puzzle is released?

It will certainly favour those who are awake/active when it's released. Hirk and I have very different schedules, but are presently in the same time zone. If it were released at 9 AM in our time zone, I would have a pretty big advantage. If at 9 pm, he would have the advantage. *Shrug* So it's more than just time zones. Unless you're assuming that everyone wakes up at the same number time (in their own time zone, of course) and is active at the same hours (in their own time zone, of course).

Or he could random.org a number from 0-23 and release it at that time (his time zone) on a given day.

But yeah, whoever gets to it first has a pretty strong advantage.

But it would still interest everyone to find the answer, so they could learn what the secret ability is, though. So the winner of the secret ability probably won't be published.

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Is IST your time or is that like GMT? Could you post the current IST time in your next post? I see post times in my time zone, think we all do, so posting the current IST time should let us all figure the time adjustment. I also agree, posting the riddle with the day post is most fair since that would be the time that the most would try to have access if at all possible. Who is considered first to solve, the one who pm's you the answer first?

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