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Easter Egg Mafia


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You know, that actually is quite logical. (Technically ginger is #FE8E19, but that's not the point.)

However, I'm not Hulk and I didn't snap, so I'm fairly sure we'll get to discuss the curr3nt news during D1. OK, not sure, just a tiny bit "hunchy".

Anyways, off to sleep, see you in the morning.

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Also, I remembered a video of Cadbury and Faberge and thought I'd share.

I think that's it for me N1. Hope to see you all on the flip side.

edit - I think we know what their secret ability is now...

Edited by curr3nt
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Night 1: Sink or Swim!

Excitement filled the air as the Pastries and the UN Vanilla Wafers gathered for battle on either side of the kitchen sink. Who would win the day, and who would wind up as empty calories? The time to act was now! Tasty treats soon filled the sink as crunch met cream. But suddenly the sink began to fill with water, threatening to dissolve them all!

"I will survive!" Cream Puff panted. Catching smoth off guard, Cream Puff climbed atop. "I will ride you to safety, ha-ha!" But poor smoth could not bear the weight and began to drown. "Gasp, help! Help help!" smoth exclaimed. "There is no need to fear, Oatmeal Rrrrrrasin is here!" Oatmeal Raisin exclaimed. "What can you do, silly cookie?" Cream Puff asked with a sneer. "I can fill you with rrrrasinie goodness, taste raisin, Pastry!" Oatmeal Raisin replied, shooting raisins into Cream Puffs gaping mouth. "No, no, no!" Cream Puff cried, diving into the water and quickly swimming away.

Elsewhere in the sink of doom, pastries and cookies were trying to make sense of events, getting to safety while trying to gain the upper hand. Do pastries and cookies even have hands? Choco Eclair found someone swimming and squirted a blinding stream of cream at them. "Try to act now, ha!" Sugar Cookie also found a nice target and began to spin, faster and faster, creating a whirlpool to slow them down to a stop. Nutter Butters used a slew of rhyming limericks to confuse the heck out of someone else. Crème Brule and Thin Mints just watched, trying to make out who was who.

Cadbury & Faberge watched from a safe distance. "Splendid, splendid!" said one. "Oh what fun this is," cracked the other.

Day 1 ends Thursday, Septmember 1, 9 PM EDT

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This your first mafia maurice? May I be of assistance?


Cream Puff tried to kill smoth but was saved by Oatmeal Raisin

Choco Eclair blocked someone

Crème Brule spied someone

Sugar Cookie blocked someone

Nutter Butters redirected someone

Thin Mints spied someone

Cadbury & Faberge played with their eyebrows

Cookie Dough wasn't needed so didn't show up

Chips Ahoy was either blocked or didn't act

Snickerdoodle was either blocked or didn't act

Ginger Snap doesn't have a night action

Flour doesn't have an action yet

Seems likely to me that Choco Eclair and Sugar Cookie blocked or were made to block one of the five goodies above or Cream Puff. Likely ended on Snickerdoodle and one other.


Using green since red is taken...

@Host - Faberge has the same mirror ability as Cadbury?


Does that help maurice? Now you consider what you know and vote to lynch someone or vote to see if you can get someone to answer a question.

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Thank you Oatmeal Raisin - my new favorite cookie! :wub:

So either I was the target of the NK or it was "bounced" randomly to me from one of the two indies with their (known) ability?

Edit - spelling not my strong suit - apparently raisin does not have an "e" in it...

Edited by smoth333
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Hosts Baker Nana & Baker Aura

1. kristmark1

2. EDM

3. curr3nt - voting for KlueMaster

4. tolecnal

5. Slick

6. Akriti

7. Shad

8. maurice

9. LJ

10. KlueMaster

11. smoth333

12. Araver

13. Aaryan

14. Zweefer

@Klue - How long did it take for you to learn that trick with your eyebrows? Or is it a natural talent?

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@maurice - per the NP the baddies tried to kill smoth. If you bothered to read the summary you would have seen that.

But if they'd tried for an Easter Egg, it would have been redirected to who the NP says they tried to kill....so they might have tried to kill an Easter Egg instead of smoth....that's what mo is saying....I *think*......

But either way, that means smoth isn't an Easter Egg....unless....If the NK is targetted on an Easter Egg, and the save targets that Easter Egg, is the Easter Egg saved, or does the NK "bounce" to another player?

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So you are saying that maurice isn't Nutter Butter but a baddie?

Since the odds of hitting their intended target is greater then them be redirected by an indy...he is really sending out a message to the indies on if they can work together? Noted.

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