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Cream Puff was tired of the UN-Vanilla Wafers always outselling them. “Are we not tastier? Are we not the better treat?”

Choco Éclair piped in, “Absolutely! Look at my cream filling, my ch-ch-chocolate topping!”

Crème Brule was flaming mad! “And what about ME?” I am on FIRE and oh so irresistible!”

“So what are we doing?” Cream Puff pressed. “Let’s take a bite out of those…cookies” Cream Puff managed to squeeze out.


“Ahoy, hey Chips Ahoy, over here,” Thin Mints sparkled, “I have news!”

“Mehever,” Chips coolly replied.

“Listen! The Pastries are jealous of our market share and want to gobble us up!”

“There is no need to fear, Oatmeal Rrrrraisin is here!”

Cookie Dough bawled and promised to die if necessary to keep the others safe.

Ginger Snap ordered twins Sugar Cookie and Snickerdoodle to go stop the Pastries while Nutter Butters tried to confuse them and Flour….to just do whatever it is Flour does.


"Cadbury, Cadbury!” Faberge exclaimed, shaking Cadbury.

“Is it Easter already?” Cadbury sleepily asked.

“No, it is better! The Pastries and UN-Vanilla Wafers are going to war!”

“Oh dear oh my, we just cannot do nothing can we?”

“Dear me no, quite right, we just have to do something,” Faberge gleamed.

“Do tell, do tell!” Cadbury sweetly exclaimed as Faberge conceived a wicked plan.

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Baddies, wincon majority over goodies and indies

3 Pastries: have btsc, night kill

Choco Eclaire - block

Creme Brule - spy and is unspyable, appears are random living goodie.

Cream Puff - assumes the powers of first dead baddie

9 Goodies, the UN-Vanilla Wafers, wincon kill baddies and indies.

Cookie Dough - body guard, each night chooses role or player, will die in their place that night

Chips Ahoy - killer

Oatmeal Raisin - save

Nutter Butters - redirect, can choose who power is redirected to

Thin Mints - spy

Snickerdoodle - block

Sugar Cookie - block

Ginger Snap - vote steal, can change another person's vote to someone else

Flour - role copy, will copy role of first goodie who dies

Indy, secret wincon

2 Easter eggs, btsc, and secret ability

Cadbury: this ability is known: mirror, reflects all night actions even nk to random target. This is passive ability

Faberge: same ability

OOP Block > Trap > Redir > Save > Kill > Spy

spies know they were redirected but not to whom. If Easter Egg was target, will be redirected

night post list all actions, but no targets except for kills. Kills show who died, not who was target.

Pastries nk begins with Cream Puff for story purposes only. If killed, moves to Crème Brule and then Choco Eclaire if they both are dead.

Night kill can NOT be blocked by blocking/trapping the carrier or by Nutter Butter redirect. Can only be redirected by target an Easter Egg, or prevented by a Save

In the event of multiple kills of same target, a save will prevent all attempts. If there is no save, a body guard will prevent all attempts.

If no save or body guard protected the player, NP will show player killed and will show all attempts to kill (even if one or more attempts were result of redirect to that victim)

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Hosts Nana & Aura

1. kristmark1

2. EDM :D

3. curr3nt

4. Tolecnal


6. Akriti


8. maurice

9. LJ (LJayden)

10. KlueMaster

11. smoth333

12. MiKi

13. Aaryan




2. Thalia


4. Framm18

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The two of us together again eh maurice? Think we can actually pull off an indy win?

I'm thinking we should take out a new guy tonight since taking out a known player could point to us.

I'll try to keep the taunts in the game thread low to avoid being too obvious either way.

This should be fun!

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One last minute rule update, sorry.

The indy are only immune to nk until the first one is lynched. With one dead, they are weakened enough for nk to get them. Other actions will still bounce off the last Easter Egg though.

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I am going to clarify something that was not clearly stated in the rules regarding night kills.

Baddie night kill can not be affected by targetting the carrier. Goodie night kill can be redirected or blocked.

Both night kills bounce off Easter Eggs until one Egg has been lynched. After that, both night kills can kill the last Egg.

And in case OOP has to come into play, will first consider the OOP Level of the action. If baddie and goodie have 2 actions (blocks) at the same OOP level then the baddies act happens.

Edited by Nana7
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Sugar Cookie - block

Flour - role copy, will copy role of first goodie who dies

Oatmeal Raisin - save

Snickerdoodle - block

Chips Ahoy - killer

Cookie Dough - body guard, each night chooses role or player, will die in their place that night

Nutter Butters - redirect, can choose who power is redirected to

I got your hint...no backing out on it now!

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Using a very scientific process (random.org) I've determined who the baddies and indies are. I know who the goodies are but don't feel like outting all of them.

KlueMaster - Choco Eclaire

EDM - Cream Puff

LJ (LJayden) - Creme Brule

smoth333 - Cadbury

Aaryan - Faberge

Just thought you might like to know.

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OK I will tell more...but only because it is funny.

random.org said...

MiKi is Ginger Snap

Akriti is Sugar Cookie

Shadow is Snickerdoodle

maurice is Nutter Butters

( Totally serious that those were the actually results from random.org )

I'm going to start using those as your new nicknames. Goal is to try to get Nox to start calling Shadow Snickerdoodle too. haha!

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