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A Blind House & A Backwards Kingdom


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The "original" version, if you want to give it a go:

By many names yet made by one

I keep what grows under the sun

Though secretive I am not

We'll have a ball, but -have a care!

Suspended, nigh unchanging

(In use, you cannot breathe in here)

I've been screwed over many times

My lips are sealed up tight

Because of me, many learn

And some laugh at the night

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Mason Jars, also commonly known as glass canning jars, jam jars, fruit jars, & Ball jars

All of them are now made by the same company in the U.S.

Used mainly to hold & preserve foods, especially fruits & vegetables ("canned")

Made of transparent glass to see the contents. Free Masons - often considered a secret fraternity/organization.

Ball & Kerr (pronounced like car, but often mispronounced as 'care') are common U.S. brands of mason jars.

Many people enjoy home canning, but it requires you to follow careful rules.

Mason jars are used for canning in order to preserve foods.

Air is removed during processing (creating an anaerobic environment)

Modern jars use screw-on rings/bands that are reusable (until they get rusty, fyi)

and flat lids with a sealant to keep the vacuum

Ball State University, named for the Ball brothers of Ball Canning fame

David Letterman, famous alumnus of Ball State, late-night comedy

And the title? Maison - i, Raj reversed = Mason Jar

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