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Announcement: New BrainDen VIPs


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Let me announce new BrainDen VIPs to show that I very much appreciate their contribution to BrainDen.

Shakeepuddn - member for almost 4 years, considered by many as the best creator of riddles on BrainDen

plasmid - member for more than 2 years, submitted many good puzzles, riddles and discussions

bushindo - member for more than 2 years, submitted several good puzzles, insightful posts inspiring many other members

EventHorizon - member for more than 3 years, submitted several good puzzles, showing deep knowledge of mathematics

On top of the "VIP" title, they will be able to edit all their posts without any time limit. They can also store more messages and can upload more files/attachments.


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My deepest thanks oh wise one! It's an honor for such a worthy site.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that not only are Shakee's riddles some of the best on the site, but they are some of the best I've ever seen anywhere. Ever. This man is so clever that years after reading his riddles, I'll see a spider and just think "Where eyes a-plenty watch and wait."

If you haven't read any/many of them, I strongly suggest you search the New Word Riddles forum for his username.

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