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can dusk act on more then one player during one night ? or his block act as a RID Recruit if he hits Jack, and otherwise it is a block ??

also : are we using OOA or OOP as the '>' suggests... I mean are action chronological or all actions happen and only if conflicting actions happen then the order comes into action ??

edited: to add the 2nd question .. no need for a new post

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OOA with >> is strict timeline, lower level actions can never affect higher level actions. OOA with > is weak timeline, so lower level actions can affect higher level as long as there is no loop created. OOP is the same except all acts occur at the same time and I think OOP has kill as non blocking while OOA has kill as a blocking action. And OOA allows mixing of >> and > (ie)

OOA nk >> redirect > block > spy

means nothing can change the nk, blocks can stop a redirect unless the redirect is used against the block

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No, the answer is not no (Im just messing with you)

Yes, because redirect is higher on the scale.

Ok, never mind. If a NK hits someone lower on the OOP, the lower action fails. Else, (ir redirect) it goes through. So I guess it IS timeline oriented.

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Nights and days are always exactly 24 hours long, except on weekends when they may be extended another 24 hours to allow for more discussion and chance to play. Posting is allowed in Night and Day phases and occurs often as players form strategies.

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