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Funny, its actually an old term... Patsy

edit- as an example, people who believe in JFK conspiracy theories say that Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy ( I believe he called himself a Patsy in fact ...yup

Thank you. That definition doesn't sound like Molly Mae to me.

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BTW, I have decided that needless overuse of o.O or O.o or O_o or o_O or any similar emoticon is a lynchable offense (not saying it means you are a baddie, just that I shall lynch the offenders if at all possible)

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Just out of curiosity, do you trust Molly Mae or do you just distrust me? Or both?

Actually kinda neither. I use votes early on to figure those things out. To be frank, I am quite satisfied with your responses and shall be moving my vote.

I also just had a meta-gaming thought that links Molly more closely to Sak-c than you.

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I will not be bullied into not using my emoticons.>_>

I haven't done anything at Night. I don't think I can. I'm still not completely understanding my role, possibly.

I'm not trying to bully you into not using them. Use them, by all means. It'll actually makemy lynching decisions easier in the future.

By the way, that defense is totes magotes more worthy of the Saccolades you arrived with, and is whay we've been looking for. Unfortunately you displayed defiance re: the use of your emoticons. Kinda a baddie move there, (something about psychology or whatnot. Your trusty host knows what I mean). Anyway I'm not voting for you quite yet. My theory says Sak-c, molly and...

Edited by maurice
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1. Bong - voting for sakura

2. Molly Mae - voting for Shadow7, Sakura, Bong, Maurice, and Akriti

4. Akriti

5. tolecnal

6. Sakura-chan - voting for Yodell

7. Aura

8. maurice - voting for Yodell

9. KlueMaster - trapped N2 by Mr. Bliss

10. curr3nt - voting for Yodell

11. darth nox

12. Thalia - voting for Molly Mae (see post 194 for reason)

13.Yodell - voting sakura

14. Shadow7- voting sakura

15. DarthMask


3. EDM - the Grotesquery - Killed N1 by Springheeled Jack

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Don't feel bad. I don't really remember most of the roles.>_> I have to keep looking at the first page. Which one was Molly's again? I have to read them over.

:Facepalm: Sak, you typed that in the main thread and not your BTSC...if only we knew who you were talking to.

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Even if you don't remember all of the other roles, it's a good idea to remember your own. If you don't understand your action, ask the host. Don't just out yourself. Do you realize that, if you were telling the truth, you just outed yourself?

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If it's a joke, then what about Molly's vote? It's not cool messing with my records like that. I've got her down as voting for a bunch of people, myself included.

I try to remember my own, but all these complicated names have thrown me. Did I out myself?O_o Who am I? I don't think I outed myself.

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