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Let me announce contest for the best brain teaser ever submitted to BrainDen.

You have the chance to nominate your favorite puzzle or riddle that is already on BrainDen and recommend it to everybody else.


Post the brain teaser title and link to thread.


Nominations will be closed on August 31st 2011 and a poll will be created.

The poll will be open in the first week of September and all members will have the chance to vote for the best brain teaser.


The best puzzle or riddle will be promoted across the site (eg. it might be pinned on the top of thread list, email will be sent to all BD members as recommendation to visit the thread, promotion on frequently visited non-forum page for Best Puzzles etc.)


2 contests will be run each month starting in September.

1. Puzzle of the Month

2. Riddle of the Month

When you post the link to your favorite, you may also add a few words why you like it and give proper credit to the author :thumbsup: - just start .

If you would like to discuss conditions of this contest, you may drop your comments in this thread.

Enjoy the Den ;)

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Since the site has been updated, the search engine mechanics have changed. If you simply type the words you're looking for in the search box, you might not find what you're looking for. Instead, I recommend clicking the little gear to the right of the search box to go to the advanced search page.

If you remember some keywords from the riddle, type them in the top "Find words" search box, and then be sure to switch the "Display results" option near the bottom from the default "As topic lists" to instead be "As posts". It seems that the search engine will only search through the titles if it's set to "As topic lists", and will search through the actual text of the post if it's set to "As posts".

Also, the site redesign made it much easier to search for riddles by a particular author. Just type the author's name in the "Find author" box and have "Display results" set to "As topic lists". But be aware that the author name is case sensitive.

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Regarding search box, make sure that you search "Forums" and not "This Topic" or "This Forum". By default, when you are in a thread the search box is set up to search "This Topic" - you have to click on it and change it to "Forums".

The only issues should be with short words (3 characters or less) or stop words.

If you still experience issues with search pls start a new thread or send me the details via PM.


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