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I'm not a wizard's crystal



I'm orb of snow from grand nobility

Just one among a myriad entire

Then cleaved from one and now split into three

No longer snow, ablaze in raging fire

I've hewn a wretched mountain from the Earth

Erupting flowing rivers 'cross the land

I bore through skin and rob it of its worth

While leaving only dust and grains of sand

Approach, if found by pair who stand on guard

You'll face a pair of scythes to claim your soul

Yet more will rise, will surge, as one bombard

So flee, forsake the place where we patrol

A nuclear reaction, I am not

Nor meteor that screams to Earth so hot

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Something about this to me screams "banana split." Wow it sounds strange to give that as an answer, but hey, there you go. Three orbs (three scoops), ragin fire (hot fudge, anyone?), two scythes (what shape is a split banana?), wretched mountain (bad for the waistline, I suppose). I don't have anything for the 'dust' line, unless you count the inevitable leftover peanuts in the bottom of the bowl, but I suppose this is my guess. Or maybe I'm just hungry. Then again, from the first line maybe the answer is just the ice cream, not sure.

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After checking Wikipedia and seeing that they can build mounds and river-like trails, I think that this is so similar to what I had in mind that for riddling purposes I can call it a hit. Their bodies are not so clearly split into three segments or as typically red colored as those of an ant to fit the first stanza, but that's more a quantitative than a qualitative difference.

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Well, I don't understand how Wilson's answer applies to the first two lines, but here's a

The earth? Or maybe volcanoes

I'm orb of snow from grand nobility - larva = white (snow) from the queen (grand nobility)

Just one among a myriad entire - a single ant among millions.

A nuclear reaction was on my mind the whole while...right up until that bit where you dashed my hopes. =P

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