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Suck It Up


No wonder after all that abuse

You've had a falling out

But know with me I understand

It's not that easy to talk about

That awful sinking feeling

Leaves you constantly in doubt

So partial though I just may be

I suggest you learn to smile not pout

And never ever again to shout

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an avalanche?

well hello BenMc, dont think I've had the pleasure. welcome to the Den. clever on many fronts but not the answer am looking for.


hey rt - can see where you are coming from with the above. clever but not it.


hey t_l - that answer sucks


phew, that's a relief. sorry, not it.

Volcanic eruption?

ello sir - a twisted and tattered piece of string

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I think the title is referring to a bottle...

From quarters cramped, a violent exit

Shoved from home they're hurled

With languange not, to voice objection

Shrieks could leave blood curdled

But cry no more; it's unbecoming,

Newborns to this world

Edit: getting used to the new editor

Edited by plasmid
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sorry Tralala! and plasmid, fabpig is correct, princecharmthings nails it on his first attempt. nicely deduced!

dentures or false teeth - clever responses all. hoping some keywords of this riddle served to define the answer. like "falling out" and "partial" especially. hope none were too disappointed.

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