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after 1 year this forum has been upgraded again. This time we have some great changes. Feel free to comment on your favorite feature or start a new thread to suggest what you would like to see in the forums.

New Text Editor

- Auto save text as you write reply and you get notified if there is new post while you are still writing the reply, AJAX reply/quote that is faster and pages won't need to reload - this one looks really fast.

- When writing fast reply you also get notified if someone else posted while you were writing your fast reply.

Core Functionality

- Improved View New Content Tracking - no more listing topics that you read, topic with many pages is not marked as read until the last page has been loaded,

- View New Content Filter by "Followed" items only, or by topics I started or topics where I participated, filter by forum, and of course all filtering should be remembered

- Shared Media - easy access to and faster work with all uploaded attachments

- Notification Enhancements - "PM count" and "Notification" boxes have been removed from the drop down icons and placed with a high visibility count, inline popup window

- Mobile Skin - linear menu replaced by the most used areas (new content, messenger etc.) which are big boxes easily tapped on by finger, general improvements (the forums really look easy to work with on cell phones - great)

Calendar Improvements

- SEO, rating, attachments/flyers, notifications, signalling attendance to events etc.

Moderator Functions

- New Moderator Control Panel including all moderating actions on 1 place - edit members, report center, unapproved/deleted content etc.

Admin CP

- Faster navigation and a few tweaks.

Miscellaneous Changes

- Member photos and member avatars are being merged into one function: member photo.

- New default skin.

- Archive Personal Conversations.

- New Chat available for each member (max. 5 users at the same time).

- Improved Blog and Gallery.

Performance Improvements

Developer-Oriented Changes

And many others.

The BrainDen Forums have more of an application feel by eliminating page reloads and using rich web technologies.

What do you like in this new version?

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Like the new look rookie! It'll take a bit of getting used to, but thanks for the improvements & all the work you put into the Den. :)

A couple things I have noticed:

Occasionally when I try to reply, I hit quote or multiquote & nothing shows up in the box.

Sometimes repeat clicking causes the info to appear, sometimes not.

Sometimes when repeat clicking does not work, there is a google +1 button in the reply area.

- I think the +1 problem was only appearing on my laptop (linux fedora 14), & not my desktop (windows xp).

If repeat clicking didn't work & I was trying to multiquote, after navigating to a different page, the "Reply to (X) quoted posts" button appears on the different page.

Also, the spoiler button (don't know if it's always or sometimes) seems to be unhappy leaving the title out, unless you remove the apostrophe quotes manually after inserting the spoiler.

can you see me?

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& then you don't have to use a title. Can't do that until after it's inserted though.

[ spoiler = '' ] this is what it would look like (without the spaces) [ / spoiler ] , then you'd have to delete the apostrophes after the = before hitting Post.

Edited by tiger_lily111
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