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not sure if this fits everything either but it's worth a shoot


I think it fits a little better than your 1st, but still not quite.

ah, I like HeadShot's answer.

mason jar

but that could just be the bottom desk drawer sneaking into my head at 4:30 pm Friday.

Sorry PG, try again after happy hour. ;)

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Nice to see you again T_L

How about 'syrup'

There is a little purposeful double possibility, which is why HS's fits almost perfectly ... but keep trying fabby!

(& it's good to be back :) )


Fermentation? Or that one place where you keep wines until they're perfectly aged or something...

Both good answers, & in keeping with the theme, but still not quite it.

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spice ?

Not what I'm looking for, but somewhat "closer" to the answer than anything else so far.

Hi there!! Its great to be back!!.I'm a bit out of practice but here goes....



Hey there Tralala! Thanks for giving this one a try, but none of those are it.

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