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Brian Dennis: The Flying Dutchman

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It's called DISGUISE or something. You have to come up with a good cover story and describe to me your disguise.

It is today now. What's your cover story and disguise?

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Um, for a disguise, maybe wear a dark hoodie and jeans? But that depends on the temperature, cuz if it's hot, a hoodie'll look out of place. So what's the weather like? Then we can come up with a suitable disguise.

For the cover story, I'm at a loss. Any ideas?

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Ah.... *looks around while waiting for someone to come up with a decent cover story* Why don't we just wing it and hope you aren't evil enough to make someone ask us what our cover story is? Hehe....

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Couldn't you just be strolling around? If not... then you could be a new recruit that used to work for the phoenix. I guess your story could be that you want to kill Brian Dennis? :D Hopefully they won't recognize ur face.

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Nice. B)) Hiding in plain sight. Clever, bellerophon.

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Okay then.

DISGUISE - Rat Meeting in Poe Park

You are dressed in a gray-white hoodie and jeans. You have earphones that are connected your "iPod," which is actually a device to listen to what the others are saying.

There are seven men gather around a bench. They're directly under the monumental statue of E. A. Poe. You hear them talking from bugging the statue.

Man #1: So where next? We finally threw off the detective.

Man #2: Oh, we threw him off, all right. He's dead now.

Man #3: I'm still not convinced. He doesn't look like the one that took down the Phoenix. He just kinda whimpered. I imagined him to put up a fight.

Man #4: And you're questioning this? Be happy we got him.

Man #5: (raspy, lispy voice) Indeed. You did well in eliminating the one obssstacle in our way. Now we must ssstrike the next sspot.

Man #6: Where to?

Man #3: Yeah, there's only so much we can do at this point! Security's gone haywire...

Nick: I can take care of that.

You flinch. You realize he's the 7th man.

Man #5: And what do you plan to do, rookie? You didn't have the gutsss to kill the detective.

Nick: He was surrounded by the law. There was nothing I could do.

Man #2: Sure. But point is he's gone now. Let's just forget about him, okay?

Man #3: I'm sure he's still alive. C'mon, Mikey, you gotta admit it's a little weird.

Man #2 (Mikey): He's dead. Period.

Man #5: And now we may move onto a more positive subject. We must strike the boat house soon.

Man #6: Who is our next target, boss?

Man #5 (Boss): Nick will find a way to bring Mayor Finch into the boathouse. Don't worry. We have our methods.

Man #4: So we kill him and then we run. As usual.

Boss nods.

Man #5 (Boss): Now go before it becomes too suspicious. Remember, we meet by the river day after tomorrow near the boat house on Tradesmith Beach.

Each man walks his separate way. You stay down and bob your head a little to fake music. When they're all gone, you get up and head to the police station.

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Okay, can we get a short recap again, please? Sorry, I just don't have the patience to read 9 pages of stuff. :blush:

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Okay, I'm going to finish this quickly, if you guys don't mind.

There's a map around page 5. You are disguised at Poe Park, listening in on a Rats discussion. The Rats have so far murdered two women, the wife and a sister of a Nick Milton. He and his uncle tell you about another Zodiac Gang called the Rats. You set out to Poe Park for their next meeting. They reveal they will lure and strike Mayor Finch near Tradesmith Beach in a boathouse. Nick seems to be some sort of double agent, for your side or theirs. They also seem to think you're dead.

You talk to Mayor Finch. The secretary, for some reason, will not let you talk to the Mayor. Finally, she allows you to talk to the Mayor.

Interrogation - Mayor Finch

You: Mayor Finch, honor to talk to you.

Finch: No, honor to talk to such a genius as you. How can I help you, detective?

You: There has been a threat to your life. Whatever you do, you must not go to the boathouse near Tradesmith Beach tonight.

Finch: (flinch) Why is that?

You: There is a gang called the Rats who are after your life.

Finch: Why didn't you tell me this before?

You: Sorry, sir?

Finch: You're too late, detective, they already have my daughter. I can't tell anyone, but I trust you to not tell anyone else. Please. Let me go to the boathouse. I need to save my daughter.

You: I can't let you do that, sir.

Secretary: Well, I'm against this too, sir.

There's a bang behind you, and Finch's shirt starts turning red.

You: NO!

There's another bang, but you're not there anymore, and Finch is blown back again. You keep moving until you're behind the mayor's desk using it as cover. You fire in the secretary's general direction, but the only gun you hear now is yours. You take a peek and you see no one. You run out of the room. You see the secretary, a pool of blood on the ground. You move her cuff. There's an old, almost faded tattoo of a rat. Of course. You see some hooded figures talking outside the City Hall.

Man #1: He's still alive!

Man #2: How?

Man #1: We gotta tell the boss!

You grab the corpse and drive as fast as you can to the station.

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Call the station and have a group raid (not sure if that's the right word) the boathouse. If you can, stop those men before they can report to the boss.

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You get two police squads to go with you and raid the boathouse. The place is empty. Except... except...

Nick Milton, shot three times in the shoulder and once in the throat, tied to a chair. Two stabs in the stomach. You observe him. He's been interrogated. He probably gave you away, judging by the note pinned to his forehead:

We're coming for you, Brian Dennis. And we'll have your pretty little badge with it, too. There's a ssset of fingerprintsss on the knife. I sssuggesssst you observe them.

You test the knife handle for fingerprints and wait a few days. A new mayor is elected. You're not one for politics, but you feel entitled to watch it, as the death of the previous was mostly your fault.

You are heading to the police station when all of a sudden, you feel a sharp pain on the back of your head. You black out, and your last vision is a man with a very thick beard and chin in a hoodie grabbing you by the legs and dragging you.


Brian Dennis: Fugitive is another one I'm planning. But before that, I'm gonna host Legacy. I bet the timeline is confusing now, so here is the chronological order of all the mysteries I announced so far...

-Axe of Murder

Brian Dennis' most gruesome case before the Zodiac Gangs

-The Burning Phoenix

His first encounter with the Zodiac Gangs; this is the Phoenix, the Chicken gang.

-The Venomous Basilisk

His second encounter; this is the Vipers, the Snake gang.

-The Malicious Undead (or something like that)

Brian Dennis is kidnapped, and so his brother takes over and finishes off the Vipers.

-The Sabertooth

Brian Dennis finds out about the Zodiac Gangs' network and works with a woman named Tigrisa to take out the Tiger gang, the Sabertooths.

-Here Lies More

If I continue this series more, this is where most of the future mysteries will take place. This is respecting the continuity of Climax City's events.


Irrelevant to main story line. As far as you know. ;) He "rescues" two kids, who were planning on running away and got in some trouble with mafia in Ruralia.

-The Flying Dutchman

Brian Dennis fights the Rats, but doesn't completely defeat them. In fact, he's knocked out and dragged across the city.


You'll see. Don't want to give anything away, do I? :)

-Here Lies Even More

This is another potential spot for more mysteries.


His final case. This is the one starting next week. Don't worry, I won't spoil anything. But this one DOES get a little ridiculous.

That's my schedule. Hope you enjoyed and wait for Brian Dennis: Legacy!

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Ooh.... *winces* I feel like we should've been more alert or something.... But kewl one, cav! I look forward to the others!

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