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What The Forum?

This game is actually hysterically easy, nevertheless it's still quite entertaining as long as people don't try to draw themselves into it purposefully.

We've got so many mindwrestling games out there, so I thought this'd be a nice way to take the edge off and relax for a second.

The purpose of the "game" (if you can call it that) is to find something entertaining somewhere on the forums.

Kinda' like a simplistic scavenger hunt. The host sets the topic for the next 24 hours, and something must be located that fits.

Example: "Today's topic is pictures!" - Your job as participants is to then find a funny, inspirational or thought-invoking image on the BrainDen forums.

You'll have one day to find it, while you (like the One-Up Game) then vote by using the plus buttons (Do never down-vote, we don't want people with negative reputation over a game) and the poster with the highest amount of votes after the day has elapsed becomes the host of that day's topic. The host may submit his own participation, however he is not eligible to be voted on, to avoid someone going on a streak.

Here we go:

Today's topic is "quotes".

At the end of the day...I blame the Disney Princesses.

(This was in a topic regarding love at first sight)

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Donno what happened to this thread, but best quote ever (totally taken out of context and some text removed) is below:

18 and 19 are good.

I have done 7 once.

I did 45, 28 and 32.

32 isnt good, I try an improvised version and it works like wonder.

I have done 61 as well, but that was just to scare some younger cousins.

69, to be honest, thats the way I do it...

there is something to 75 as well, actu-.................leave it!

somebody did the 85 with me. In the classroom. sad.gif

And literally I did 93 in my school. (full story on request)

Full post is here

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What happened to my linkey? =/

Donno what happened to this thread, but best quote ever (totally taken out of context and some text removed) is below:

Full post is [ url=ttp://brainden.com/forum/index.php?/topic/14225-101-ways-to-annoy-people/page__view__findpost__p__291394]here[/ url]

You dropped the h from http

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