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Greetings, New Member.

Let me welcome you to BrainDen - Brain Teasers Forum.

Please Introduce Yourself and get to know other members - click on "Start a new topic" button in the top right hand corner to share a few words about yourself, explain how you got here and what you are looking for on BrainDen.

1. Start new threads in the most relevant forum category.

For instance, "Puzzles" section asks usually "how" (eg. how it happened, how can you calculate something, etc.) whereas "Riddles" section asks "what" (eg. What-am-I riddles in rhymes).

2. Before posting a new riddle, first perform a search to make sure your riddle isn’t one that has previously been posted.

There is no need to duplicate 20 times the same puzzle/riddle (eg. liar/trutheller on crossroads, or what is greater than god riddle etc.)

3. Include a descriptive and unique title.

Imagine you see 20 titles all named "What am I" or "My New Riddle" - it would be a bit harder to distinguish the riddles, wouldn't it?

4. Time limit for editing posts is 10 minutes.

5. There is no need to resurrect old threads - no need to post solution in thread which was solved 2 years ago.

6. Basic etiquette - hopefully no need to explain in details wink.gif

7. Keep your signature short (max. 3-4 lines), do not include external links in signature and let's make the signature not distracting since what counts are the posts.

8. You can subscribe to "New Puzzles" (just like any other forum) and be immediately notified when new puzzle is submitted. Of course, you can be notified also about each reply in your favorite thread.

9. Use spoilers for answers so that others can enjoy the puzzles as well.

10. If you would like to follow all latest puzzles/riddles, then you may also:

a) check 15 latest puzzles - all on 1 page dedicated to New Riddles and Puzzles

b) showing latest puzzle or random optical illusion on your iGoogle.com

c) subscribe via RSS etc.


Posts made in this forum section are not counted towards your total post counter. Remember that this is the place to introduce yourself and not your site. All members advertising other sites or products are banned immediately.

Enjoy the Den wink.gif


What can never be borrowed and yet returned nonetheless?


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