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Lead Writer: curr3nt

Lead Animator: araver

1. Aaryan- voting for Molly Mae

2. Hirkala - voting for flamebirde

3. Molly Mae - voting for TheCube

4. Anon26 - voting for flamebirde

5. KlueMaster - voting for flamebirde

6. Peace*out

7. Auramyna - voting for flamebirde

8. flamebirde - voting for TheCube

9. (Other)Medji - voting for (Nobody right now)

A. Akriti - voting for Maurice

B. Thalia - voting for TheCube

C. TheCube - voting for flamebirde

D. YoDell - voting for TheCube

E. Hidden G - voting for Auramyna

F. maurice - voting for flamebirde

G. Darth Nox - voting for TheCube

Going based upon this voting.

Peace had only said she may vote for someone later.

Medji said no vote.

Too many pages to try to find if someone left a please change vote message that was missed. Great that this is an active game but goodness...

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I opened the computer 15 min before the deadline.

Just to check any flash voting or a change.

By the time I reach the last page, it was already 5 min up.

Well there hasn't been a flash voting, which means:

1. either both are goodies

2. or baddies have already voted against a goodie and are just counting on our votes

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really sorry, i forgot that family was coming over...

I need to drop out. i give you all permission to slap me via the internet.

you mean you are leaving the game and need to be replaced??

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Day 1

The Lead Animator put his glasses on and read the act 1 script the boy just delivered to him. He sighed deeply, nodded and put the paper away, next to his coffee mug the Writer always stole from him in the rare occasions he paid him a visit in person. Director's nephew and all. *sigh* He massaged his temples and stared into the distance, then removed his glasses. As usual, when something new was stirred up by management, it was up to him to fill the empty spaces with art. Or to break the news to the characters.

He looked at them in the distance, still playing with their gadgets and toys, running around, enjoying their animated life. Oblivious to the real world. Oblivious of the different shades of gray that came with each decision, deciding which frames are in and which are out. Decisions, decisions. Where art thou, art? He took yet another pill from the almost-empty bottle and coughed. It took him a while to find a few fresh white pages and to recover his favorite pencil from behind the desk. Only then he began the painful process of making sense of the script.

As he read through it, expanding the setting, provind background stories, pulling references viewers might appreciate, he heard the voices getting louder and louder. He went to the window and looked at the huge set where the characters lived. He could almost taste a trouble-bringing wind in the air. An omen of much more than the usual rivalries and pranks. He watched them following each other tirelessly, complaining over any insignificant little detail the caretakers missed, ready to fight over any perceived threat or territory infringement.

He went back and flipped his pages to see what he had previously drawn. It almost broke his heart when he had to make them mortal. The animated world has always been his refuge. The place where death is banished from. Where a new turn of the page would uncover a new story. A neverending universe, with no beginning and no end. Hard to explain how all of this has changed. How trivial things like ratings, market share, focus-group results, budget cuts had tainted it, burned holes in its perfection.

A small tear followed the wrinkled face, finally landing on the pages. It had been done. Pepe Le Pew was no longer a member of the Looney cast.

Lead Writer: curr3nt

Lead Animator: Araver

1. Aaryan

2. Hirkala

3. Molly Mae

4. Anon26

5. KlueMaster

6. Peace*out

7. Auramyna

8. flamebirde - Lynched and found to be Pepe Le Pew

9. (Other)Medji

A. Akriti

B. Thalia

C. TheCube

D. YoDell

E. Hidden G

F. maurice

G. Darth Nox

Edited by araver
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@KM: No, I took a break like Thalia said.

Hope it helped. I know when I go for too long without taking a break, my mind completely shuts down. Especially at school. Most people remember when it's friday. . .:duh:

Can everyone chill for 7 minutes or so?


It's a mob lynching someone. What did you expect? :D

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