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I was thinking whether, I should tell or not. but if I tell and ppl believe me, then I will survive lynch but the baddies will kill me then, If I don't say I may be lynched. :(

I will prefer here that since you also believe that mo is baddie why not vote for him rather than voting for ppl who you are not that much sure.


Go for it. Tell.

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i never said I am suspicious of mow.

I repeat:

only one from Molly or mow, is a baddy (I dont have to explain this, do I?)

The worst case is that one is baddy, other Indy. (A fact)

Both of them are one of the 7 roles.

one of the role of the 7 is a baddy

one of the role of 7 is an Indy

Remaining 5 roles are goody.

And hence there is a greater probablity that both are goodies.

And if one is baddy, then chance of the other being goody is even more significantly increases.

Voting for mow or Molly is dangerous for Goodies.

and Akriti, I consider you even more suspicious now

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Molly being Taz,

Actually reduces chances for Mow being a baddy.

(I wish I could put my spreadsheet here, for every one to see *sigh*)

Since, I believe you, tell me who to vote for coz I have to sleep.

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Molly Mae is Taz. I spied him yesterday,

happy now, mo, HAPPY???????? :angry: :angry: :angry:

I had saved him for RID kill by telling the ppl in forum to do so. So, that we can try lynch on anybody else. Happy now, mo??????? I know you are one of the baddies.

:mad: :mad:

That is ridiculous. You made it appear as though you had info on me, which I knew you didn't. There was absolutely no reason to out yourself. None. People had your back, You had support. If what you say is true, then we can leave Taz alone, he has at most one redirect and can only get credit for one per night. Let him screw with the baddies actions some more. But it was also not needed this early.

edit - btw who are ya'll calling mo and who mow? how's about either real names or MoMa and momo?

Edited by maurice
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This explains why Mo went for mow.

the possible roles of mow are not of the arch nemesis. (except Long horn)

this suggest that the Henery Longhorn encounter was a lucky redirect from Taz.

And thats why he wanna let go of mow so to reduce, non-arch nemesis people.

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I have to go, put me for the one Anon chooses as klue said before.

If not possible then, maybe ........... Aura. (just like that. no reason)

Pick one or nobody now...I don't think we can do conditional votes

and BTW - did you just claim Marvin the Martian?

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Pick one or nobody now...I don't think we can do conditional votes

and BTW - did you just claim Marvin the Martian?

Marvin the Martian....hmm... my mind never went there.

Akriti, have you just sat with a pencil and paper, and narrowed down the roles, you would never in your right minds would have voted for mow, (and you knew Molly was Taz)

this is very strange,

Tho my suspicion is off you, I find it strange.

Aura is my next target.

My vote would be on her.

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@mow: Akriti havent outed herself. Her role isnt out completely. And with the amount of redirects, I dont think she is soo vulnerable

Ah yes...4 roles, maybe 3 if the baddies spied one of them.

Which reminds me. If anyone spies Marvin the Martian we must out him immediately. They can only RID Kill. They likely will strike tonight unless we lynch their spy result...not good either.

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And Akriti, (if you are goody)

Aura was the reason for my voting of you.

A post by Aura early, was like against you.

I was thinking that voting for you might just get Aura bandwagon with me.

it was like to check if she is a baddy.

and that was the secret reason my vote was on you.

Aura would never vote for you now. (is she is a baddy)

I am on Aura.

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