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Hi guys! :)

It's not homework, but I can't seam to find an answer anywhere, or I just don't know where to look. Anywho, the question that's bugging me is: Does rapid cooling of liquids deplete the oxygen level in the liquids?

If you could link me I would very much appreciate it :)

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It's just a guess, but I think it's actually the heating of liquids that reduces oxygen levels, because the solubility rules for gases dissolved in liquids point in that direction. Then if you cool the liquid quickly, the oxygen tends to come back to it, but not as fast, so for some time you'll have a cool liquid with a low oxygen concentration, as if it was hot. And to make the oxygen come back faster, you could stir the liquid or something like that, to increase the surface between it and the surrounding air.

But like I said, I could be wrong. This site says the solubility rules I mentioned apply to water, but not to organic solvents.

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