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Math geniuses will love this...

The great flood has subsided and Noah gets a command from God, "Release the animals and tell them to go forth and multiply."

So Noah opens the door and stands there as the animals leave. The rabbits come to the door and noah says, "Go forth and multiply."

"We can do that," the rabbits say as they leave. The deer come to the door.

"Go forth and multiply," Noah says.

"Sure thing," they say before bounding into the world. Then the snakes come to the door.

"Go forth and multiply."

"There might be a problem with that, Noah," the snakes reply. "We can't multiply. We are adders." Noah is very alarmed and goes to God for advice.

"Um, God, the snakes can't multiply."

"Don't worry, I'll take care of it." God responds.

A month later, God calls Noah.

"Noah, I think it is time to check on the animals. Go see how they are doing." So Noah checks the animals. There are 1,000 rabbits and 1,000 deer, but there are only 10 snakes.

"Snakes! What is the problem, can't you multiply?!" Noah asks with distress.

"We tried! We just can't!" the snakes respond defensively. Noah goes once more to God for advice. God thinks for a minute and replies.

"Don't worry. I'll take care of it." Well, another month passes by and God gives Noah a command.

"Go and check on all the animals again." Noah goes. There are 1,000,000 rabbits, 1,000,000 deer, and 10,000,000 snakes. Noah stares with his mouth agape.

"Wait! I thought that you guys were adders."

"We still are. God gave us logarithms." :D

Logarithmic expanding rules state that multiplication inside the logarithm can be expanded as addition outside the logarithm.

logb(mn) = logb(m) + logb(n)

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