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Amidst the forest's my abode

Not far from the branch where once I was born

Where charming beauty I've bestowed

On natural scenes I'm known to adorn

To earth six roots branch from my greaves

Encased in their bark to shield from bruise

Ascending toward my countless leaves

Perchance they unfurl a palate of hues

Alas these roots I've come to scorn

I know that without their aid I'll not stand

From Mother Earth I still have torn

Them up to forsake these ties to my land

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A Chandelier

You're clearly thinking along the right lines in arriving at that answer. I would accept the chandelier as an offspring of the torch or candelabra to satisfy the first stanza. But for the second, having six roots with countless leaves gets problematic. I can imagine a chandelier with six main arms and numerous smaller candle holders or lights from each of them, but even with a google image search I'm having trouble finding an example of such a construction -- if it is done, then it seems to be so uncommon that I wouldn't want to use it in a riddle.

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