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I thought about it and decide that I could make a Survivor game for you all to play. (NOTICE: This is just an idea. It might not become a full time game.)

There could be two teams of six or more. For the reason you became a member of BrainDen, you will solve riddles for your team. The first person to answer correctly win for the team. The other team goes to Tribal Council where they vote someone from their team out of the competition. This team business goes on until the teams merge. From then on, the process goes on except for when a person answers a riddle first and correctly, they win individual immunity for themselves unless they want to give it to someone else. They then again go to Tribal Council. This time, when they get eliminated, they go to the Jury. Once the merged tribe goes down to two people, the people of the Jury give the two finalists a riddle for each member of it to the finalists. The person that gets the majority of the riddles wins BrainDen Survivor.

What do you think about it?

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1. Peace*out EST

2. Aaryan EST

3. Hirkala CST

4. Silver Surfer

5. KlueMaster IST

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7. curr3nt EDT

8. Shadow7 EDT (?) (posting at 10:11 am my zone)

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Friends i might have to quit this game and other games like the mafia of Aaryan ,cz in a week or so i'm going for about weeks and may have very poor internet access .

so i will tell u if this will happen. (if u want to remove my name to let others have choice well ok)

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