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This is a signup for my game, called the Riddle Scavenger Hunt () so please join and tell me what you think.

If I get enough people the game should start in about a week.


Team 1.

Team 2.

Team. 3


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id say dont go over 10 just because this is the first game. or dont go over 20. but basically, dont do too much, because its the first game, and then build upon it as more games get started

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And so the game begins!


Often fuzzy, worn at home,

It’s existence is to keep you warm

If they weren’t there,

Your feet’d be bare

And also chilled to the bone

If you found me, good for you,

Now add 25 to get your clue

If you just look for a sign,

You’ll be fine

A thesaurus will help you find who.


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The name is Mo Kala, as in we solved mo riddles than you...not Moo as in a cow...

And the name was my idea :D and of course had no bearing on our awesomeness...only that since it is a mashup of our names it means Quadrupally Awesome in Braindenese. :D

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