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Your last two guesses were incorrect.

Hint: As in normal crosswords, spaces (in open form compound words), punctuation (apostrophes and hyphens) and ofttimes diacritics do not appear though they may exist. I will agree that in many cryptic crosswords offered by professional designers often hint the number of clues for each of those cases that exists in the puzzle. I failed to do so, so I will make amends by letting you know that one of the answers is a hyphenated word.

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well, had mentioned somewhere wouldn't leave this one hanging. really do enjoy these. thanks




..1. “forks” = WYES (as in more than one letter “Y”) and “causes” = whys with announcement indicating phonetic

..5. “the monster” = OGRE and “consequently” = ERGO with retreated indicated ERGO in reverse

..9. “vessel” = AORTA and A + “piece” = ORT + A

10. “to paddle” = OAR and “about” = OR with “one” = A and “on the inside” indicating the A is within the O R

11. “photograph” = XRAY and “the unknown” = X + YAR (most of YARD in reverse)

12. “it’s a heavy book” = TOME and TO ME

13. “to confuse” = BEWILDER and “unruly” = WILDER “surrounded by” BE ER = “alcoholic brew”


..1. “increase” = WAX and warhead = W (head letter in war) + “fire” = AX

..2. “past” = YORE and “your” recorded (indicating phonetic/homophone)

..3. “a period of history” = ERA and “is” = ARE with about indicating anagram (?)

..4. “the filthy place” = STY and STinkY with “sign” = ink missing

..5. “a plot of grass” = OAT and “nothing” = O + “there” = AT

..6. “not bad” = GOOD and “sentimental tripe”= GOO + (on the) Desktop where “top” indicates first letter of Desk

..7. “hammer” = “stuff” = RAM

..8. “before” = ERE and “one’s successor” = heir with “called” indicating phonetic/homophone'

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The small Cryptic Crossword has been solved.

Congratualations to plainglazed for completing the puzzle. In addition congratulations for those others who participated,

especially for being the first to post a correct solution to an individual clue.

Solutions to individual clues were first posted by:

plainglazed - 1A, 9A, 11A, 13A, 1D and 2D.

rsn - 5A, 3D, 4D, 6D and 7D.

shadow7 - 10A, 12A, 5D and 8D.

Edited by Dej Mar
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