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As long as I'm alive...I'll LIVE!!! :P:D

*Unless it's mafia & I get NKd or lynched...:dry:

**Oh, wait...I'm still alive at the end!!! :P:D :D :D

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What happens in quantum statistical thermodynamics stays in quantum statistical thermodynamics...b/c no one else cares.

Out of the frying pan and on to the floor. Back into the frying pan, let hope none of the guests saw.

Whoa!! Potential bacon in earshot!

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I'll smile as long as it's sunny

I'll cry as long as it rains

With smiles I'll greet you

Whenever I meet you

As long as it's snowing

Or windy and blowing

And the dark is as long as its day


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Most people who meet me think I'm a sweet and innocent young girl, but that's just how I fool them into trusting me. That way, when I carry out my various nefarious plots, no one suspects me. ^_^:ph34r:

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@phaze The plots and the taser are...inside jokes, I guess? IDK, joke-type-things that some of the members have regarding me and my...plots and taser. I'm sure Thal or fabio or even Quag [who I haven't seen in a while] could explain to you. And normally, someone waits about 24 hours before giving it to the next person. :)

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*cleans knife and puts it away* And that's why she should have never ticked me off. ^_^

Lol, jk, I'm not a murderer.

And that's why you should show a less intimidating weapon before you go to a TASER FIGHT!

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