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Barry, a master dartsman, was bragging to his bar mates that he was such a good shot that he could hit the dart board at any location at will. "I'll wagger one hundred dollars that no matter what position you name on the board, I will be able to hit it.

Terry, who was tired of Barry's bragging rights, thought of the perfect solution to Barry's bet. Terry told him the location he wanted him to hit on the board. Barry stammered for a few moment, at first unwilling to play. The other bar patrons made sure he held up his end of the bet. Barry slammed down a hundred dollar bill on the counter, and ran out of the bar.

Where did Terry suggest to throw the dart at?

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My thought is that she probably "told him" the dead center. Since this is a point (i.e. a 0-dimensional object), there is no way that he could hit it with the dart. In theory as long as she verbally stated to him any point, he can not "hit it" with the dart.

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