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my friend told me this joke and decided to share it

three young men were sent to join the army to be trained for the upcoming war

they trained hard for a year before going into the enemy's territory to fight

and after a few weeks, the war ended due to their strength and intelligence

the general was pleased with their performance and decided to reward them.

"as a reward, i'll give you as much gold as you like!"

the first young man said "I want as much gold as from my right arm to my left", stretching his arms.

the second young man said "I want as much gold as my height." standing as straight as he could

and the last man said "I want as much gold as from index finger to my thumb"

the general agreed to the first two men's request, then he looked at the last man and smiled

"Its good to see a humble man in the army, very well, i shall accept your humble request"

but then the general noticed something about the last man. Then he said

"But young man, where is your thumb?"

The third man laugh, showing his missing thumb and said

"Oh, i left it at the other country when a enemy cut it off!"

hope you understand this joke....it sounded better is you say it out loud...

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