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it, chin, appearances, the good work - _____ things to keep up- pecker, dead, worm - _______

@MM you sure you aren't British? :P b/c most of the US doesn't think "vacation" when they hear holiday....at least I don't think so.... (joke, people)

I'm not British. Canadian to the bone. (This is a joke)

But I was raised on British vocabulary.

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werewolf, vampire, zombie - twilight! [i assume this is what you meant by the obvious mean. Either that, or mythical creatures who enjoy devouring humans. But I'm gonna go with twilight, just to annoy you. :P [i'm immature like that. Don't judge me.]]

twilight, dawn, dusk - ? [again, this is really simple, but whatever.]

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You changed your profile pic too, Molly. Nice. And that was not what I meant, seeing as how I'm 13. And I don't really see how that fits, I was going for something along the lines of "times" or something. *shakes head and mutters* Trust you to say what you did....

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