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Four Letters ROLLO


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Bong, TheCube,

The D in the 4th position was already refuted with SHED.

If SUET is not the word, yet increments the correct positional letter count, my bet is on the U (I don't know of a word that fits the pattern S?ET that has not been guessed, eliminated or would be unacceptable as not found in an acceptable lexicon). It then depends on whether my guess of SEES or Bong's guess of SEER as to which SUE? word would be the answer. If the 2nd letter is E, then by my count there are 3 possible words of the pattern SEE? still not 'guessed'. To eliminate one of those three, I offer one:


Of course the 2nd letter may be neither U or E, but the only other letter in acceptable words that I know of that has not yet been eliminated belongs to words that are not so common. Still the words are valid possibilities under the rules I read, so I might have to venture to a word with that letter next.

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If you don'y like my logic, all you've got to do is say so! :P (#670)

LOL - I didn't realise that you were actually proposing "I've done the logic for the E" as "logic" :D

Yes - you're right.


STEW - 2 	SEEK - 2 

SLOW - 1 	SEEN - 2 

STOW - 1 	SEER - 2 

SOFA - 1 

SHED - 2 

Score Changes: efpy +25, WbB +8 - damn stew 


[spoiler=Scores Update]

Molly Mae - 233

TheCube - 231

WombatBreath - 162

Fabpig - 130

km - 83

Aaryan - 60

unreality - 37

mEEster-Michael - 31

Shadow7 - 25

curr3nt - 20

Quag - 5

Hidden G - 5[/spoiler]

Oh BTW I decided to save time and do the logic for your next word and there's no question that the T is proven... :P

TEAT - ?

Edited by WombatBreath
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Ah, but I can prove my logic! :P

Sorry mate - I must have had a brain fart because I only registered the first phrase and never saw the second phrase at all. Probably was distraught at the early '2' score.

At least you didn't miss out on the 5 in the end :wacko:

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