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I hope to make a series about Solver and her cases. Here is one of her mysteries:

There was a deranged suspect on the loose, and who else would be on the case but Katy Solver.

She believes that he sent his victim an E-mail to tell her that she was about to die.

In the drawer on the desk that the suspect's computer was a hint to the password to his E-mail account and the computer.

It said "ShE IS ILL" on that card. Solver tried to type that into the computer, but it didn't unlock.

After a few moments, she typed in the correct password to his computer and E-mail account and found the E-mail in his Sent folder.

What was the password to the suspect's computer and E-mail account?

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Because it says "E IS ILL"

And it's good to see some of these. I've seen so many of those "play-through" ones where you ask questions, and do actions (like Question Aaryan)

It's refreshing to see these. Hope you make a series!

P.S check out mine which are like this called Detective Smiths ;) publicity.

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Darn it's hard... And yeah, that would be cool. What I do with mine is I really create a story so it is "series". However, they are usually solved righ off the bat unlike this one. Hmmmmmmm...

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post-9659-041023200 1305900375.png

oohhhh yes ,thank you ,i'd better start using my calculator more ,and more :P

well but i use the scientific ones only (that's why i didn't know it)well next time if u can ask something involving the sci- one :P

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