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So about Time travel:

I believe it is possible to an extent.

You can view the events of past, but cannot interefere with them.

Why I think that:

You may have heard in news that 'blah blah' planet have been found out which have earth like atmosphere but the thing is 'blah blah' billion light years away.

distance travelled by light in a year.

Now lets say that light from these planet is reaching earth in the 'blah blah' billion years,

Light is the essential thing for vision.

Somehow, if we develop something that effectively use that light for the detailed visual display, we would know what is happening.

But then what we see, is a fragmant of past as light takes so many years to reach earth from that planet

Now putting this thing to Earth:

If we are able to travel faster then light,

we launch a satelitte, that goes in the space,

At a distance it would began to be able to use light reflected long ago by earth,

By transmitting that back to Earth, we can know what happened when and where and how long ago.


Even if we are not able to create something faster then the light.

then we can launch some satelitte now,

when it is like 1 light year away, It would be recieving light from Earth that is a year old.

Hence if the satelitte is set to give the camera info to the Earth.

It would allow man to recieve data of what happened exactly at the place, two years ago

(the camera recieve a year old light, It transmit is back, whihc takes another year, so altogether it is two years.)

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I think one of the greatest problems with the idea of time travel is the fact that our bodies, and, more importantly, our brains, are still subject to the laws governing the universe. As you read this post, your neurons are making thousands of connections which result in comprehension and memory. If you were to travel backwards in time, your brain would literally start working in reverse, leaving you with absolutely no recollection of future events, so, assuming that you somehow managed to arrive in 1889 without degenerating into single cell entities, you would probably be more inclined to congratulate Mrs. Hitler than to smother young Adolf when she wasn't looking. So the real problem, then, is to find out, not how to travel through time, but rather, around it.

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