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“Smith, that’s the third time this week that I’ve had to pick you up. Everyone’s complaining!” Officer Ross exclaimed.

“I can’t help it. I’m just so frustrated with this case!”

You are driving back from downtown Anycity in Ross’ police car.

“Well you can’t go around—”


You jerk from your seat to look back, and see the fine, shiny truck, with ‘AMBULANCE’ on the front.

“Ross, there’s an ambulance coming our way, you’d better pull over and let them pass us.

You pull over by the curb and the ambulance whizzes by you.

“Looks like something serious,” Ross says. “We—I’M a cop. I have to check it out.

Suddenly, your phone rings. “Smith!” yells Jones right into your ear. “There’s an apparent murder on the corner of 6th and Typhoon. Go check it out, will ya?”

You turn to Ross. “Looks like I’m still stuck in the passenger seat,” you sigh.

You pull into the driveway and see a fine, shiny ambulance.

“You don’t think—“ you begin.

“I think so.” she says.

Out of the house comes Morris and Tyler, with a small but well built man.

“Looks like we found our man,” says Morris. “I mean, just listen to him!”

“I-I can explain!—” he starts, but Morris cuts him off.

“Go on.” You say shortly.

“I was called to this place because someone said they had zebra teeth to sell! I’m a tooth collector! The door was unlocked and I was looking around the house for someone, when I saw…” he shuddered “that dead body.”

Morris explains. “We found the dead body of one Mr. George Masterson. He was in a living room with a bullet in his head. This man was found by those two kind gentlemen over there.”

Out of the house come two paramedics. When they see your car, they say:

“Hey, weren’t you guys the people in front of us on the road?”

“Indeed we were.”

“Whatever. I’m Bill, and he’s Ty.”

“A pleasure to meet you. Mind if I take a look around?”

“Not a problem.” They step out of the doorway to let you through.

As you look around, you notice some interesting things other than a dead body. Here was an ashtray, but no cigarettes, and it seemed like it had never been used. Next you notice there is a lot of blood on the floor, but none on the furniture. Another strange thing was the picture on the wall seemed to be very old, but it depicted Mr. Masterson as he was when he was recently alive.

“Well, Smith,” says Ross “there’s not much to see here. That man Morris caught is the murderer. He finally did something right!”

You turn to Morris and ask: “Was there anyone else near the scene?”

“Well, yes, but they were clean.”

“Show me.”

He brings two other suspects.

One of them was William Harrison. “I don’t know nothing! I was hanging out at my friend Johnny’s place when I heard a scream and I came running here. I was looking around in the back of the house when the cops found me. I don’t know nothing!”

The other was Ford Gummer. “I was just making my way over to the old man’s house. We’ve been friends a while now, me an’ him. I heard a scream but ran away because I heard cop cars coming, for fear of looking like a suspect. Look where that got me.”

You close your eyes for a moment.

“Ah, yes. Now I know who murdered old George Masterson. It was—

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