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i have a paper on whether Syria is socialist or not due tomorrow, and i have my answer. Im doing it from the point of when it was in its prime.

My 3 paragraphs are:

1) the declining gab between the rich and poor

2) the govts. redistribution of private property/control of parts of the economy

3) syria is a one party economy

I need help with evidence for #3, and If you can, can you tell me how to make this list of evidence into an actual paragraph?

Im horrible at analytical writing.

Since the Ba’ath Party took control of Syria, the gap between the rich and poor has decreased, and is less than that of most countries. As more of the population gained access to education, the gap continued to decrease. This change is because as more people get an education, more people are moving into the cities to get work and increase their social standing. The government established peasant unions, and also introduced “local governing organizations and cooperatives.” This government controlled operations “allowed the peasants to attain more control of their lives and livelihood.”

so, any links/editing would be wonderful. :)

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I agree with you on the subject, but I do think there has been some recent gov't distortion and Syria may be impending on the Hezbollah. I don't know any links though.

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