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slick .. u'r not even on the roster .. how could u confirm for the rest of them ;) ...

... but if u wanna play .. i can give u my spot ;) ... just lemme know

brainy , tomorrow is the end-game right .. for the confirmations i mean? ... or should i say .. begin-game for us ;)

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1. Flamebirde

2. nana77
3. Kikacat123
4. vcvcvc12
5. TheCube
6. dyalDragon
7. akaslickster
8. marksmanjay
9. Panther
10. Yodell
11. lahiem


1. Plasmid

2. David

As soon as we confirm one more mentor, we will send out roles. We will post in the game thread when roles are out so if you haven't got one, it's cos we haven't sent them yet!

Be on the look out for the game thread but when you get your role, please confirm in the PM, not in the game thread. Thanks!

And thanks for everyone's patience. Let's make it a good one!

Edited by Auramyna
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When you guys start another one, will you let me know? I want to get back into this, but I've forgotten pretty much everything about mafia, haha. :blush: I'm reclaiming noob status for a couple games before I plunge back into the world of mafia. :P

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Bugs Mafia

The Real Insects (Goodies) Win Con: Kill all baddies and Indies

Ant (Vote Steal) - With his maze of tunnels Ant can steals a vote from another player and use it later in the game. (But if he steals a baddies vote instead of counting as x2 later, it will count as x0, but he will not be told.)

Bee (Save) - The healing power of honey is amazing. The person with whom Bee shares his honey cannot be NKed.

Wasp (Trap Night and Day) - Wasp's string may not be deadly but it will put his target out of action for a night and day.

Ladybug (Kill) - Most people don't think much about ladybugs. This one is out to prove them wrong with his Kill.

Fly (Spy: Role) - Is that a fly n the wall?

Grasshopper (Redirect) - Grasshopper will take another bug's action and hop away with them to a difference target.

Moth (Spy: Faction) - Moths are so boring and dull, no one will notice this one spying on them.

Cricket (Post Message) - Cricket is loud and annoying.

The Arachnids (Baddies with BTSC and NK) Win Con: Be in a majority that can't be undone.

Scorpion (Spy) - His poison is in fact truth serum and will cause his target to tell him who he is.

Tick (Redirect) - Tick will bit another bug and cause him to be redirected to another target.

Spider (Trap) - Has poison but he will trap you in his web for a night and day.

The Worms (Indy with BTSC and RID Kill) Win Con: Has to Kill at least one bug with wings and another with poison.)

Earthworm (Save + Spy (Type)) - Can dig a hole under his target to save him and learns if target has wings or poison.

Glow-worm (Vote Manip x0,x2) - Use his lights to distract another bug and change his vote. (If earthworm dies, Glow-worm receives Save+Spy and loses Vote Manip) He can not change his own vote.

Redirect > Redirect > Spy(role)/Spy(faction)/Spy > Save+Spy > RID Save > RID Kill > Kill > Trap > Block > Trap > Save > NK

Trap - no action action, no day action, no votes or post.

I will post successful Kills, Trap and Saves.

Indy Spy result will be: has wings, has poison, has nothing

Ant, Moth and Tick have nothing. (No one wants dull moth wings, not even earth worms :))

All other Insects have wings.

Wasp, Scorpion and Spider has poison.

Wasp has both wings and poison, so I am thinking either results on Wasp will show as 'has nothing' or Indy can only choose to take Wasp wings or poison?

If I don't get enough sign-up after a reasonable amount of time, I will remove the indies, a baddie and some goodie.

Thanks again for your comments, and I look forward to hear what you have to say about the changes.

This is what I had plan, and still want to do. Any one want to co-host?

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