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It's ironic: first I want sign ups to fill up fast; then I want it to slow to a crawl. That should be a one-up me-ism.

But please remember that this is a TMM so try not to mess with the newbies too badly. . .

@Cubie Roy is my best friend IRL. He goes by the username hotterthnfire on BDen, but I call him Roy. I can't quite remember why, but I think it had something to do with Fullmetal Alchemist, his obsess

The host and cohost are listed at the top of the roster. They are working on a game and will let us know when they are ready to start. Respect the host, trust in the host. All things are possible through the host. :)

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We are still in need of backups for this game... I would also like to know who all wants a mentor, as only two have signed up, and need to know if I have to scrabmble to find others.... either post here of PM me if you want / need a mentor.


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Ah, but I said I might be able to get her to backup. She may or may not be available or apprehensive or something, so I would say get another backup just to be safe. And this is a mafia designed for noobs. So the majority of players will have absolutely no idea what to do, and a lot of them are gonna want mentors. Two isn't gonna cut it. How about seeing if Hirk or MoMa can mentor? And Klue's pretty good too...

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Do we really need more, though?O_o Not all the players are newbies.

Having mentors isn't necessary, but if someone who's playing wants a mentor, we try to get them one. As these games are typically for players either new to mafia, new to forum mafia, or new to Den style mafia, we try to indulge them.

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