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Everyone pick out a name.Ex. Fireclaw

Then,pick out wich clan you are in. The clans are Fireclan,Waterclan,Swampclan,Earthclan,Skyclan and Shadowclan. I will pick who is a leader,depudy,the first medicine cat. and warrior. Medicine cats will be chosen by the previous cat.

To start the game I will do somthing and the other clans react. the game will not start until there is a leader, depudy,medicine cat and 3 warriors in each clan.

You each have five points to spend on attack, defence and intellegence. Intellegence will help with strategy and how much you can heal. (Medicine cats only)

once you defeat another warrior you get +1 atk. Training, every 8 practices you get +1 def. you get intel. by watching and overseeing battles. (you can not fight) (max of 8 for evrything)

Leaders will get 2 extra points depudys 1 and medicine cats +3 in intel.

leader's names end in star. (windstar)

I am Swiftstar, leader of Shadowclan (3atk. 2def. 2intel.)

Let the game begin

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