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Hi guys, Need help again on Level 64. I did good until level 62 than I blew it. I just can't figure it out. Need some help please. I can't upload it as I only have 43.73K and the file is bigger than that.

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No Worries...I'll get you on the right track. The letters U,D,R & L are your directions (up, down, right & left) if there is a digit in front of the letter, move that many spaces in that direction (ex: 4U = four moves upward) Okay, here goes...

2D U R U D L D 2L 3U L U R 4D L D 2L D R U R U R 5U 2R D L U L D 2R 2D R D R D 2L R 3D

now you've prepped the west side of the puzzle;let's tackle the east side...

2R U R 5U 4D 5R L 2D 2R 5U R U 3L 6D L D 2L U 4R L 2U 3R 3D L 6U R U L 4D 6L D L D 6R L 2U 3R 3D L 5U

yes, leave the north-east corner empty...for now...

2L 2D 2L D U 2L 2D 5R L 2U 3R 3D L 3U

6L 4U L 2U R 7D L D 6R L 2U 3R 3D L U

9L U 2L D 6R D R 2U D 2L 2U 3R L 2U 2R 2D

4L 2D 3L 5U L 2U R 6D L D 5R D R 4U D 2L 2U 3R L 3U 2R 3D

3U 2L D R U R D 2L 2D 5R 2U 2L 2R 2D L U R U L R 4D L 3U R 5D L 4U

now we're getting somewhere! but don't get too cocky, the next 2 boxes are crucial...

6L 4D 3L 3U L 2D L D 10R 3L 2U 5R 3D L 3U

6L 2D 3L 5U L 4D L D 10R 3L 2U 5R 3D L U

excellent! you can take it from here...just get busy sliding those last 7 boxes into place (and don't accidentally slide them too far!) Enjoy your victory!!

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