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Everyone started riddling/logic-ing somehow. What was it for you?

Did your mom give you brain teasers to figure out? Obsess over word problems in math class? Get one of those riddle books for your birthday? Find one of the BD Google Gadgets?

Do you remember the riddle?

If so, please do a search for it & post the link to the BD topic, OR if it's not on the Den, post it AND the solution (use a spoiler!!) in your reply.

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My family's farm was a few miles outside a small town in Indiana. The Schwan's man came every couple weeks (ice cream!!), & Jerry liked riddles. A few times a year, he'd tell us kids a riddle. I'm sure there were many easy ones that I don't remember, but when I was around 13 he asked one that was a little more obscure. I've remembered it ever since. That's when I really caught the riddle bug. I'll never be very good at riddling, but it'll always be fun. ^_^

A Bible character, without a name,

Upon whom sudden destruction came.

Who died a death never died before,

& whose shroud can be found in a grocery store.

Lot's Wife

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My first riddle was the one about the clock: What has a face but cannot see or hear and has hand but cannot touch? :D

My first interesting riddle was the riddle of the sphinx. I got interested in riddles because of it.....:D

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It was indeed a Brain den Google gadget. Though it only introduced me here. I could never figure any of them out, and so I never really went on the site =)

What actually got me hooked (I guess you could call it, I go on here everyday =)) was when one day, I clicked on it and found this forum. Then, I discovered the others section, and in it, the Political thing that Izzy set up =)

So, that's what it was for me. The answer is Izzy =)

I have to say, this site did change my life. 'Specially that others section. I got woken up, really. Went from a catholic to an agnostic-atheist/atheist. My interest in Science, especially, exploded, and also, thanks to that politics forum, I found out I was quite the liberal =)

And to your riddle, tiger, that was a good one. Couldn't muster up what bible school I had to figure it out =)

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BD google gadget. And while i dont remember the first riddle, i remember the first riddle i posted.

There was a man in a empty room with no windows or doors, he had hung himself and there was a puddle of water under him how did he hang himself?

He stood on a block of ice.

It got removed. By...martini, i think.

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the first riddle of consequence for me was someone's original handwritten on a birthday card.

I'm the center of fashion

Though never in style.

And avoid big rivers

Like the Seine and the Nile.

I shun every city, village, and town

Yet reign in Hamlet, like a king renowned.

I've one seat at home, two seats in church,

And here I'll be found at the end of your search.

Can you guess who I am?

some time ago.

fun to think of this again. thanks t_l

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