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Make me a moderator and I'll clean out the garbage daily. I've been enjoying Brain Den since I joined, but these last few days, watching these spam posts roll in... it's a real shame. I see these things each day in my iGoogle gadget and I'm about to remove the gadget.

Like I said, make me a mod and I'll keep this stuff down to a minimum. I don't know who the admins are, but I've got plenty of experience with forums, FTP, HTML, PHP. Think about it.

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Yeah, we need more mods... I haven't been here long, but I really enjoy it here because everyone is nice and intelligent (a rarity on the internet). I don't think I should be one, but we DO have a surplus of nice and intelligent people, so why not take advantage of it?

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the mods are Martini (who i havent seen in a while - he used to be pretty quick at cleaning up spam), and bonanova who is on less, but still a great mod. If you go to the main forum page, at the bottom theres a button to view the mods.

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Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Just a few points:

1. I am basically the only one cleaning BD

2. I am on vacation this week with limited access to internet

3. I have banned the spammer by name/email/ip (several new registrations were made from different ip addresses)

4. the spammer came back from different ip so I disabled the site (so post/topic can not be started if the site is included)

5. the spammer came back and posted the site in thread title while making off topic post

6. I have disabled new registrations - no new member can register from now on until further measures are taken

Thanks for understanding.

Enjoy the Den.

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Sorry to make it sound like an emergency. You should be allowed to enjoy your vacation! Thanks for trying so hard to squish the spammer. Maybe someday I'll have been around long enough to be elevated to MOD status and can help out, or maybe not. Whatever - I'm cool either way. I enjoy the site.

In hindsight, I was over-excited about the spam posts. I just HATE spammers with such a passion! I get excited over email forwarding, too.

Thanks for the feedback.

@peace - thanks for the input. You're always a help.


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