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You know you're a math nerd when...


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Actually, it's 42 64 or goriila tape. Gorilla tape is much stronger than duct tape. However, the universally accepted answer is "Chuck Norris". Here's proof Chuck is the answer to everything:






Pain+Suffering=Chuck Norris

Everything=Chuck Norris

Might need a little tweeking, but you get the idea. :D

Now can you prove 64 is also the answer to everything?

I think this would prove that Chuck Norris = 2*(Everything) =P

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Haha, I do that all the time!

When you sit in class, drawing and coloring pictures of characters from different mangas/animes, and still manage to learn what the teacher is teaching and correctly answer at least two or three of her questions.

When you do the above and still manage to make it look like you're actually paying attention.

I totally agree!!! :thumbsup::D

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When you keep looking for patterns in number plates of vehicles-

like if you see 5918 you think "Hey!! That's divisible by 11!!"

Or if you see 3265 you think "3*2=6 and 3+2=5" :P:D

Anybody else do that?

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When you have a t-shirt that says the following:

"There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don't."

Or, alternatively, you can't stop counting in binary, and when you get to 4,128,or 132 and others just say "HEY!"

Or, even more alternatively, when you count on your fingers, you have to count in binary. You can't even try to count normally...








well, you get the point... :unsure:

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This is Called You know you're a math nerd when...

Also, you know you're a math nerd when other math nerds don't get your math jokes.

Dear math,

I am tired of finding x and y for you. I'm sorry, but let's face it:

they're gone, dude. get over it.

Yours truly, M3

And also,when you read an entire book during class. when you're (or really, everyone else) is taking a test.

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...your calculator becomes dusty because you never have to use it.

...nobody asks you what your favorite subject in school is. Your nerdy T-shirts give it away.

...your pencil bursts into flames due to the friction caused by writing down answers so quickly.

...you do the whole math book for fun.

...other people are gossiping about something and you are calculating equations in your head.

...Pi Day is your favorite holiday.

...the first five minutes of math is learning the material. The remaining time is doing that "other" homework.

...people call you a nerd and you take it as a compliment.

...you give your math teacher an apple and a chart showing how you calculated its surface area and volume.

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