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Oh and btw @curr3nt... If you remember in the other mafia game I moved to Switzerland so I'm a little screwed up for the time zone since I'm 6 hours ahead of EST. Hope that helps and I hope I'll be able to get on more regularly...

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Chapter 2: Day 2 Voting

The remaining players gathered at City Hall, hopeful for a good outcome today. The Baddies kept quiet about who they were, but were still exchanging significant glances when no one else was watching. When the votes were totaled, two were tied. MissKitten and DougFarley stepped forward, sweat dripping from their foreheads. It came to a tiebreaker. When the die had been cast - or the coin had been flipped in this case - a sad MissKitten was escorted to the "Dead Room."

Hosts: Framm and Hirkala

1. Solman – “Killed” by the Baddies

2. Shadow7 - "Killed" by the Baddies

3. DarthMask – “Lynched” and found to be the Detective

4. DougFarley

5. Smith

6. curr3nt

7. Peace

8. MissKitten - "Lynched" and found to be a Vanilla Townie

Sorry this was so ridiculously late. Night will end when actions are in.

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Doug, I do not know how you could be convinced she was a goodie unless you are a baddie.

If you get lynched as baddie it would make us look towards MissKitten, so were you protecting you partner?

When she gets lynched as goodie were we supposed to then believe you are a goodie too since you knew?

Unless you can tell us how you where convinced. I'm going to look over her posts again...

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I liked this. :) I think for this kind of "few player" mafia, EVERYONE who signs up has to be active? Maybe, if they're inactive you go to their sign up post and negative it *1* point, or X amount of points? As an incentive. If you dont know whether youll be active, you sign up as a backup, until you know you can play?

I feel as if more people were active it might have been better.

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I never exactly claimed to be the Doctor. I was trying to provide a distraction. Had Shadow7 saved herself like I thought the Doctor would she would still be alive and we would have a known Goodie instead of all unknown.

Doctor can't save his/herself.

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Doctor can't save his/herself.

Where did it say that? Normally the Doctor can save themselves unless told otherwise.

edit - save not say

doh...post #9 - I totally missed that - This thread was a bit confusing mixing signup with game

Edited by curr3nt
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The day had ended and four were left. The Baddies had their last chance to "kill." When the decision had been made, the remaining players gathered at City Hall. The Baddies had no need to hide today. With their last kill, they held the majority. Two of them and one Goodie left; a vote was not even necessary. The Mayor announced the winners and the two stepped forward. When they turned around, the town was shocked to see their identities.

"Well," the Mayor said. "You two have won! And now for your prize! We will give you the honor of naming this fine city!"

The Thug turned to the Godfather and told him that the honor was his!

"Thank you Smith!" the Godfather said. "I, Curr3nt, the Godfather, hereby dub this city, New Mafia City!!!"

And with his pronouncement, Curr3nt and Smith walked away together, leaving the rest of the town in shock.

Hosts: Framm and Hirkala

1. Solman – Doctor

2. Shadow7 - Vanilla Townie

3. DarthMask – Detective

4. DougFarley - Vanilla Townie

5. Smith - Thug

6. curr3nt - Godfather

7. Peace - Vanilla Townie

8. MissKitten - Vanilla Townie

Thanks for playing, everyone!!! Congratulations, Smith and Curr3nt!!!

EDIT: Fixing a tag

Edited by Hirkala
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Our pleasure! And I know I can speak for Framm when I say that we hope you all continue playing Mafia!

Yes, We definitely hope so.

have i missed it or are we starting afresh?

You missed it, another one might start up in a couple of months if there is a large group of newer players that are interested in it.

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