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The Boy Within Me



Getting in shape

I aim for perfection

Chancing fate

Without circumspection

Thinking I'm slick

Upon self-reflection

Making my way

With no predelection

Bursting with energy

In every direction

Enjoying the rise

From my first erection

Remembering me simply

With great affection

So what am I now

Please make your selection

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another good answer but not mine yet, Framm

A narcissist perhaps. :P

well hello archikohl and welcome to the Den - see where you're coming from but the "I" you're looking for in this riddle is not a person.


hey Solomon - 'fraid not

(!) An oil field?

hey fabpig - a good fit with alot of key words but that last line? maybe re a recent trajedy i guess. anyway, not it.

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DNA or a gene

Your weaving of words is truly amazing :)

hey rsn - well we almost crossed paths. thanks so much for your kind words. still going to have to say no.

A rapper! (I'm kinda kidding...)

I'd guess that you're a star.

haha to your first. not that. poor rhythm to my weaving. and have to say no to your second, also.

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