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RECAP: Brian Marrilas hired you to find his girlfriend, Sarah Knight. After finding her in Brian’s father’s secret room, you learn that Matthew, Brian’s father, was trying to get Sarah’s parents, who are very wealthy, to give her money they had cut her off from. You left the hospital room and met up with the Chief of Police, who offered a consult position on the force, and a new case…

One more thing before we begin. I am going to name recurring characters as I think up names. Like the chief will be Gregory, although I haven’t thought of a surname for him.

“So what do you say, Leslie?”

You sigh and hold out your hand. “Fine.”

“I knew the case would do the trick,” he says, handing a file to you. You notice a large red stamp on it that says ‘CONFIDENTIAL’.

“C-confidential? You’re giving me a federal case?”

“Not me. My higher ups decided that you’re the right person to trust for this case. I don’t know why they trust you for it, since I don’t know what’s in there. All I can tell you is that if you don’t intend to play by their rules, don’t open that file. I’ve lost a few friends who simply got curious about something. I don’t want the same to happen to you.”

Even though you normally find him creepy, you’re happy he cares about you.

A note attached to the file said to open it at home, ‘where they aren’t watching.’ Inside you find several old newspaper clippings, along with some more recent ones. Some of the older headlines are: “Chief Found Murdered In Own Home”, “Cop Undercover, Or Under Covers?”, and “When You Thought It Was Safe At Home…” One of the newer headlines catches your attention: “Memorial Service to Be Held for Police Chief”. You remember attending it. Not out of respect, but because that man was your father. “What’s going on? Why am I looking at this?” you think out loud.

“That’s what we want you to find out.” You spin around, grabbing your gun, ready to pull the trigger. You see a man in the shadows of your living room, wearing a black Burberry trench coat, black leather shoes (you think they are Cole Haan), and a black fedora. “Everyone who has seen this file has wound up dead. We believe you may be able to do what they couldn’t: Find out why someone would kill over your father’s death, and bring in the killer.” The man steps forward and you can see his face. He has dark, custom-made glasses on, but you can see that he has a V-shaped scar running from his chin through the corners of his mouth and the centers of both his eyes. “Gregory was correct in telling you only to open the file if you are intending to play by our rules.” He puts a paper on the floor, and you see that he is also wearing black leather gloves. “Good luck, Detective.” The lights flicker off then on in less than a second, but the man is gone.

There’s no point in wondering how he got away (or in), but you really want to know who he was, don’t you?

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