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Ask the right question and get the answer to the correct door.

OK, you died. You found out there is a life after death! One catch, you're in Purgatory!! Now...Purgatory is a room with two (2) identical doors, two (2)

identical people, you can't tell one from the other, even if you had to stay there with them for a thousand years. They are each sitting on a chair next

to one of the doors. The only information that you have is: 1) One door leads to Heaven, and the other door leads to Hell. 2) One of the men will

always lie no matter what the question, it's totally impossible for him to tell the truth. ie: If you asked him if he was a man, he will say "no".

The other man is the total opposite, anything you ask him, it's totally impossible for him to lie. He will tell the truth about anything that you may ask

him, no matter what.

Now...you do not know which man is the lier, or which man is the truthful one, and you don't know which door is the door to heaven or which door is the

door to hell. However, there is ONE and ONLY ONE question that you get to ask. If you ask the RIGHT question, you will know for sure, 100% sure,

which door would be which. If you ask the wrong question, you blew it, then you'd have to risk a 50-50 chance on picking the door to heaven. If you pick

the door to hell, you would suffer an eternity of the worst tourture imaginable!! Burning yourself to death would feel like the best massage possible ever

in comparison. So, since you're in purgatory, you would have thousands upon thousands of years to figure out what the correct question would be to ask

that would get you into eternal bliss forever & ever. But if you're smart, it'll probably only take you a year or two.

Now you smart riddle solvers out there in cyber land, what would be your question?

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Your question should not be geared towards finding out which man is the lier,or the truthful one; you'll waste your question if you do. The question would be directed to either one, it doesn't matter which. You will ask " What door would he say is the door to heaven?, then pick the opposite door, it'll be the door to heaven.

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