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You are a boy/girl that can run 8.5 miles per hour. Your friend wants to race you in a 20 mile race and he can run 8.0 miles per hour. You take a stop for 5 minutes every mile. Your friend takes a stop for 2 minutes every 1.5 miles.

Will you win or lose and by how much?

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If I ran continuously, I would finish in 20 / 8.5 * 60 = 141 min. With the nineteen breaks, my final time would be 141 + 19 * 5 = 236 min.

Without breaks, my friend would finish in 20 / 8.0 * 60 = 150 min. With the thirteen breaks, his/her final time would be 150 + 13 * 2 = 176 min.

Therefore, my friend would win by a whopping 60 min, or a whole hour. Hence the saying, "Slow and steady wins the race."

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