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So I looked on my profile page, and saw that i had 4005 posts! The side bar doesnt update automatically, but (i think) your profile page is acurate...


Ok: heres how this is going to work.

In each Thread, there will be X amount of riddles (10 today). I will say how many. They will be small. When you say your answer, please say the color of the riddle/the #. My goal is to eventually have created 4000 of these mini - riddles. Plus, there may be a bonus in each thread that wont count toward the 4k count, but is a littttttlllllleeee something extra.

Thats my goal, however, i am a natural procrastinator. Plus - ALL of the answers will have come from guesses on previous riddles (or this one). You...created the answers. So...Let's begin?


I flip but am no pancake

my head and tail align

my skin tone is diverse

just like my size


I live only by the season

I live for a simple reason

two sides, and on thy

I'm allowed to fly

to take my pretty away is treason


you fly above me in a metal cage

and jump and scrape and die on my blank page

lost means your cold and the scene can be bleak

at my height youve reached my peak


Some say youve died for nothing

others say youve died for cause

yet rarely a death is more known

than what youve died because of (say it ahve, so it rhymes ;) not uhv, ahv)

this may have been a guess, but it was BASED off a guess that got me to this answer. the guess it was based on is not the answer to this riddle, just thought you would want to know



I go through rolers

get marked and ripped

im usually white

yet always equipped


two of that came from one

around us there is yellow

you stand there waiting, looking some

untill you went and decided to roam


Up I climb

Down i go

in physics i roam

scales in tow



similar must we be

to each other

now, cant you see?


I own a farm

to make you fat

can i take your order?

supersize that? (please guys...i know you can get this ;) )


I can see though you

clear as day

dark as night

you dont hide your pains



Theres a hidden rhyming scheme in here, can you find it?


what riddle were these taken from? (not all of the guesses from the riddle will be in here)

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