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Looking for 'someone'?



Walking alone one day, looking for company

I see a sight that brings me to a stop

'She' was alone too; one among many

Her beauty took my breath away

I was told of her before

But no one could give her justice

Not even me; she was so lovely

Her soft voice...It was magic!

I took a step closer....and then I gasped...

My eyes now went to 'him' instead

He was perfect!

The way he moved! It was as if in a dream

His voice....It was almost bliss

I went straight and hugged him

And together he and I

Went away together...

:lol: I can't believe I just wrote this one!

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well, ill give it a shot.

so theres a man, and he sees a woman, and shes pretty. and then he takes a step forward, and sees a stray puppy, and walks away with 'him', seeing how 'dog is man's best friend.'

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