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okay, wait a minute! So let's put this together logically, Vine said that she tried to RID LJ as Tigerstar, and that was unsuccessful, wouldn't that lead us in the direction of LJ being Tigerstar(also, witness LJ's lack of defense... he doesn't seem too worried)? If that is true, I don't think that would be the smart lynch for today(because he takes 2 hits to kill), because the baddies are going to get 2 kills tonight and that would put us at 3 goodies to 4 baddies, then they could just come out and vote us with their vote multiplier we are doomed... wouldn't a better strategy be to lynch one of them and at the worst have even votes tomorrow? I need a quick confirmation to make sure I am not overlooking anything...


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okay, I can't change my vote unless we all agree, or else the baddies can tie it, we all need to agree or the baddies can flash vote and tie it or even lynch a goodie

with hallie being inactive, I would assume she is the spy that didn't act last night...

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well, gj, i took you to be Vine's role though you have not claimed...If you are not then..hmm

nm, i get it

i'm not sure...I think though you are right about hallie/edm

i'm taking out miss kitten tonight, maybe stone can rid edm as blackfoot

Edited by maurice
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Day 2:

Everyone expected it. The medicine cat couldn't even cure his own cold! It was a wonder he had lasted this long. LJayden went to Starclan with no regrets. Runningnose was no more. What could Tigerclan do now?

Host BlaBlah

1) Hirkala - Dead. Killed by Darkstripe

2) Araver - Dead. Killed by Scourge

3) Darth Legion

4) peace

5) benjer - Dead. Killed by Stonefur

6) Segul - Dead. Lynched and found to be Mudclaw

7) Vineetrika

8) maurice

9) LJ - Dead. Lynched and found to be Runningnose

10) MissKitten

11) curr3nt - Dead. Killed by Runningnose

12) Panther

13) Glycereine - Dead. Killed by Tigerstar

14) golfjunkie

15) EDM

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darn, i missed my chance for a last minute vote. i just got on, like, five minutes ago.

as to my defense, if you look at any previous mafias i have played in, you will see that i dont often get all the double crossing and accusations and hints dropped. its the same thing here. i cant play when i think my best, cuz im in school at that time. so i often just stay out of it and try to make sense of it all. im still deciphering all of maurice's posts, and im trying to look past all the deception. im not trying to sway suspicion or anything, cuz i honestly wouldnt know how. im just trying to understand whats going on and whos claiming who.

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I think its up to you, DL...I'm killing Miss Kitten, that can't be stopped...but then what to do tomorrow, if I survive. Stone hopefully has some info on Vine or EDM...one of those three is Tigerstar, one may be LeopardStar one may Blackfoot, one may be Darkstripe...I'm hoping that araver was LeopardStar.

I like the idea of having your double vote tomorrow, at worst we will be up 3-2 but against a vote manip.

I guess they could kill me and gj, but since they're still trying to sell Vine as goodie then maybe they'll let gj survive.

Hopefully Scourge is not alive and got a kill on LeopardStar. But to me that's a small chance.

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I don't think we've hit either Leopardstar or Tigerstar yet, because they would have been outed and we would know. Araver was obviously Darkstripe, and LJ was Runningnose. That leaves Blackfoot, Tigerstar and Leopardstar. I believe Hallie/EDM to be Blackfoot, that leaves Vine and MK as Tigerstar and Leopardstar. I would say you should kill EDM, that will be one down, and I will try to RID Vine as Tigerstar. Either I will be successful and we can kill her D3, or I will be wrong, and we have a long and protracted battle on our hands, but at least we will know who is who. It is vitally important that we ID Tigerstar, because until we kill him, they will have 2 kills each night. My spreadsheet is now complete(there are some educated guesses involved, but with the lynch of LJ today it narrows down the options), with the exception of which of Vine and MK is Tigerstar and which is which of Panther and peace. Either we get lucky tonight, or we die trying...

If you have a better plan, let's hear it

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GJ are you claiming Stone ?? Is this your way of finding who stone is, so you can RID him/her ?

Maurice, if you are judging me based on the late vote to LJ, then I have a reason. Please trust me. My spreadsheet is complete and I am guessing GJ as Leopardstar, and MK/EDM (Hallie) as Tigerstar and Blackfoot. I don't know who is who but I am guessing EDM to be Blackfoot as she was inactive on N2 that leaves MK as Tigerstar. Stone (if you are still alive), I suggest you go after MK.

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Hi :D

Actually, I was unavailable to do anything as I was studying...and sleeping...:)

I AM in a different tmezone...and I just found out...:D

Either way...I'm harmless to all except to the haters....that's all I'm saying...:D

I think you need to check that spreadsheet again, and stop accusing me of being something I'm not.....:(

Also...Consider the fact that everytime someone thinks I'm a baddie, I turn out to be a goodie. So think carefully; maybe someone's hiding...:(

And as Usual....GO GOODIES!!! :D :D :D


Why were you inactive?!

Edited by EDM
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@ EDM, Good, you shouldn't trust me as I am LC and coming after you.

@Vine I am really unsure about you and gj, but to be honest, I'm leaning more towards gj being with me at this point. Why? Not because of your late vote but because in a helpless situation, when it was clear we had the numbers, LJ voted for you and then MK, seemingly in an attempt to clear you. But again I do not know, and mayhaps that uncertainty keeps you alive tonight (and gj)

Stone, what if you RID MK as Tigerstar. I will kill MK as well. Then we guarantee a kill. If MK is Tigerstar, the two hits on her gets rid of their RID Kill. If MK is not then we get rid of one of the other two, hopefully LeopardStar. If you rid someone else and are wrong, and MK is Tigerstar then they have 3 roles plus 2 votes...of course we could also get two hits but its riskier. I don't know, I guess I'm still killinng MK.

LC, if I die tonight know this...I truly do not know between gj and Vine...hopefully the night works in our favor and LC can figure out the rest as things clear up. Go get them guys. Oh and if in doubt, lynch MK or EDM.

Edited by maurice
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